Our Club Is Temporarily Closed

To play our part in the nationwide effort to prevent further spreading of Coronavirus (Covid-19) we have temporarily closed all of our facilities, including the golf course. Members may continue to access our online demand video service featuring classes ranging from Yoga to Body Combat to golf tips.

Monday 9th March 2020

We are making good progress with course work. It has been difficult with the weather conditions over the last few weeks, in particular with the wind. So far we have carried out the following work -

  • The two greenside bunkers on hole 7 have had all collapsed areas rebuilt
  • The right side of hole 5 has had the whole back edge rebuilt
  • The left greenside of hole 14 has been rebuilt
  • The right side of hole 17 has rebuilt and we have now started the left side
  • The two big bunkers on hole 12 have been rebuilt and the small one will be dug out and have new sand put in it
  • The right side of 16 green has been dug out and has had the new sand put in

All the new sand that has been added to these bunkers is better bunker sand. A heavier product that should remain in the bunker longer and is better to play out of. I will continue to use this sand for all future bunkers where possible.

We have also managed to lay a new path back towards the clubhouse after the 18th and the path on 11th hole will have the same materials applied to that path.

Greens are holding up well considering we have had 20 inches of rain since October, we still have good grass coverage and no disease.

Recent Course Closures:

I thought I would update you all with the reasons as to why we have made the decision to shut the course over the recent few weeks. I hope you can all appreciate that it is not a decision that I take lightly. I have to make a judgement call between the protection of the golf course, the health and safety of golfers and your wishes to play the course.

This weather has been unprecedented its severity. So far this month we are up to over 70mm of rain, and we have had over 500mm since September! Our records show that we have not had these levels of water since the records began!

The greens are our main concern as the water table is currently so high there is no place for the water to go. Even with small levels of rain the greens are flooding and are really soft underfoot with the water seeping through when doing so.

If these conditions continue, walking on ground when it is like this will slowly turn the surface to mud and the grass will die as it will not having a chance to grow, this will be disastrous for the better weather conditions and golfing season ahead.

I appreciate your understanding of this extremely difficult situation.

We will continue to endeavour to keep you up to date by updating the course status as early as possible, and if possible, the day before so you can prepare accordingly.

Fingers crossed for better weather very soon, should you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me via the club.

Lee Purves
Course Manager